Many people are advising folks that this is the best time to buy a home or to dive into real estate, but is it really the “best” time. For sure the mortgage rates are low right now and there are a lot of homes on the market for sale. Many of these homes are foreclosures and that could mean considerable savings for the home buyer. With rates low, a huge inventory to choose from and foreclosures offering the home buyer incredible deals, one might believe all those folks that this is a great time to buy.

I agree that for the most part this is a great time to buy, and if you’re interested in Westfield NJ properties you can visit, but you must look at the other side of the coin before diving into a large long term purchase. The job market right now is not stable and unemployment rates are at the highest levels in a very long time. When jobs are unstable, income is unstable and when income is unstable, it’s not a good time to strap yourself with large long term debt. Many people thought that their jobs were stable until they got laid off. Do we really have security right now in the job market. If you do and you feel secure with your employment, than you may be in the right spot for purchasing a home and it may be the “best” time for you. But for those folks that don’t know what tomorrow will bring, it might not be the best time.

We all have the belief that we will recover from this downturn, after all we always have. What we are not used to is how to navigate the downturns, and this is where many can get into trouble and end up in foreclosure losing their homes to the banks.

I think that the market is good right now for buyers and I believe that you can take advantage of some really good deals, I just think that if we all were a little more smarter a few years back we would not be in the situation we are in right now. Make smart decisions when it comes to purchasing a home and choose a good realtor who can help you navigate the process. For more information on homes in Scotch Plains New Jersey please visit You can also view featured properties and look at local information.

Choosing a real estate agent is not always an easy choice. Most try to use friends, family, or referrals from friends and family. This may certainly keep your friendships and family relationships in tack; it may not always sell your house. For more real estate tips please visit our website at Augusta Listing Expert, where you will find buying and selling tips and a whole lot more.

In choosing a real estate agent you need to look at a couple of different things. One thing you need to know is that not all agents utilize the same marketing techniques. Since exposure for your house is the number one way that you house is going to get noticed, it is important for you to choose an agent that has a marketing plan that will gain you maximum exposure to potential buyers. You will need to ask the agent what they do to get exposure for your house. Be careful that they don’t just put your house on the MLS and hope someone calls them on it. That is not enough to sell your house. Find out if the agent uses magazines, email campaigns, internet marketing, etc.. to gain exposure to your house. Make sure they have their own website and that it ranks well in the search engines. There is no sense having your home listed on a website that is never visited or can’t be found on Google.

Also, a good idea is to ask how many houses the agent has sold recently or within the last year. If an agent is selling homes, they must be doing something right. All agents are not the same. Some sell and some don’t. You want to make sure you with an agent that sells. In the market we are in right now, with things being slow, the good agents will thrive and the bad agents will flounder, or go part time. You don’t want a part time agent trying to sell you home. Just remember not all agents are the same and you need to ask a lot of questions about their marketing plan. Once satisfied, go for it, if not look for another agent. You can find more at, and you can browse featured properties while you’re there.

So we are in a down economy and real estate prices have tanked into double digits in the last few years. If you are trying to sell your house what are you going to do? There are a lot of houses on the market right now and that includes a boat load of foreclosures. If the competition is so stiff for selling a home and your having trouble finding a buyer, you might want to try and do something that makes you stand out. There are a lot of different ways to make your home stand out above the rest and the most overlooked and easiest to remedy is curb appeal. You can learn more at If the buyer can’t get passed the first impression than you will lose them immediately. Tidy up the outside, mow your lawn, trim your bushes, run the edger to make clean lines, add some fresh flowering plants to make the outside look warm and friendly. If you don’t have landscaping, then I would suggest you get some. You should be able to cover the cost of the landscaping in the sale of your house. If you have leaves on the ground, rake them up or sweep them away. I have even seen a service that will paint your lawn green to give it that clean fresh look of a healthy lawn. If you need to do some touch up paint then make that happen.

These are little things that can make a world of difference in selling your home and making it stand out above the rest. You have to make sure they remember your house when there are so many to choose from. So think to yourself what you can do to make your house memorable. You will be glad you did when that contract that you have been waiting for finally arrives. If you would like to know more about preparing your house to sell please visit the Augusta Listing Expert for more information and check out our sellers resources page.

It’s no question that the recovery of our economy is taking it’s time. Every sector seems to be slow to jump back up and act like normal. Everyone is so cautious about spending and that transcends over into real estate. Real estate is a big purchase and people are afraid to purchase big ticket items when the future seems uncertain. If you would like to know more about real estate in Chapel Hill please visit It will probably be a long time before we see the recovery that everyone is hoping for. There are some high points though in some real estate markets. Houses and condo pending sales in the greater Miami-South Dade area increased by close to 41 percent in the last year. Washington DC and much of Texas also saw an increase in pending sales, with the entire southern area showing an increase of around 3.7 percent.

So there is not all bad news to report. These numbers at least show us that there are changes taking place and for some that is all they need for them to be secure enough to go out and purchase again. If fact the Mortgage Bankers Association reported that application for new loans increased by 2 percent and FHA loan applications are up by 3 percent.

These are modest gains, but gains none the less. With the unemployment rate declining hope is being restored slowly. There is still a lot of skepticism out there about the future of our country, economy, and our lives. When people don’t feel secure there is not much freedom to spend and share. Insecurity makes people think inward and manifest in them holding on to things. The recovery is slow, but there are positive signs that are helping most to believe that we have suffered the worst. If this is true than you will see people feeling a little more free to get out of their shell and spend. Hopefully the recovery will be faster than expected. For information about Chapel Hill Real Estate and homes for sale visit Chapel Hill Realty.

With the current real estate market the way that it is, it is imperative that one gain a competitive advantage. One of the ways to gain that upper hand on the market is to have your home staged and ready to show to prospective buyers. Staging involves a number of things, but simply is the process of presenting your home in a way that welcomes the prospective buyer with a vision of what the home could look like. It is important for your home to look and show well, and it is to this end that there are professional stagers that will come in (for a fee, of course) and decorate your home to increase the homes presentation abilities. You can find more about homes for sale in Chapel Hill at

Staging involves the look and feel of the home and has it’s main goal to create a warm and welcoming feeling to the potential buyer. We all remember the stories about the apple pies or cookies baking in the oven when the potential buyer comes to view the home. The sweet smell of the apple pie creates a very welcoming homey feel that aids in the comfort level of the buyer.

Landscaping and the cosmetic show of the outside of the house is a consideration as well as the inside. The outside of the house must be appealing, after all this is the first thing the buyer will see. If they can’t get past the outside it will be difficult to win them over completely. We have all heard the term "curb appeal’, and this is where the outside of the house has a look and feel that is appealing as you drive by. You would want the outside of the house to be so appealing that it tantalizes the potential buyer to see the inside. If the outside is welcoming and the inside is warm and friendly than you have a good combination to sell the home. These are just some thoughts on the staging of your home. Find more at and happy house selling!

There are reports that the California housing market is leading the recovery for the entire nation concerning the housing market. Tax credits, incentives, supply and demand are all factors that may be contributing to the housing market in the Sunshine State. Reports are surfacing of 107% purchases, meaning that homes are being sold for more than the listing price by 7%.

Could this really be the end of the housing slump for California? Are the incentives really working or is this just smoke and mirrors? Since many of the major cities will be the forerunners to this, outlying cities like homes in Tracy California will get a good taste of what may come. We’ll have to watch Tracy real estate for sale for trends that may indicate similar reports. Many other states will be watching this so called recovery especially Florida who holds many of the top cold markets. Should other states follow California’s way of doing things, at least for the housing market? I think most will take a wait and see approach.

Whenever there are incentives or tax breaks, or when the government is handing out money, there is room for caution. Most things are not for free and the question needs to be asked if we are all going to pay for this someday, somehow. California is having financial issues and yet they can find ways to provide tax breaks. It’s great to be able to give away money as long as you have it to give. Time will tell whether or not the real estate market in California is really recovering or is just in a temporary spike. The Silveria Team specializes in Tracy CA and surrounding area real estate. Please visit our website for more info here

With unemployment rates on the decline in most states, the hopes of the battered real estate gaining a recovery is becoming more of a reality. There have been many incentives over the last year with the government offering the first time home buyers tax credit as being the biggest. We saw home builders offering purchase incentives by teaming up with the local Sears stores or other home appliance outlets giving credits on supplying their newly purchased home. If you would like to look at properties or see real estate in Chapel Hill NC feel free to visit our website at

People are always in the mood for a good deal and when thinking about buying a home, people are constantly looking for deals. The uncertainty of the job market has caused many to rethink the American dream and has given rise to the fact that things may not always be prosperous. America is vulnerable just like any other country and people are spending less and possibly saving more, for that just in case season. 

The market actually has seen a gain in pending home sales up around 22% since April of last year. People are hopeful and with some of the jobs coming back there may be a sense that everything is going to be OK. We are a resilient country and we can figure out how to make things work. We just need to protect ourselves from being so vulnerable to downturns and other things that with a little foresight can prevent. We sell real estate in Chapel Hill NC and if your interested in services for the Chapel Hill area you can visit our website at Chapel Hill Realty.

Pending homes sales has risen over the last few months up about 6% since April and over 22% since April of 2009. This upward swing is good news for a failing real estate market.  The last couple of years have been horrible for home owners trying to sell their homes including Augusta Georgia homes for sale, without losing money and it has been very difficult on local realtors. Some realtors who were not busy have returned to old jobs or are fighting to stay alive in this market.

There have been good signs though that some of the worst is behind us. Markets are showing an increase in pending sales and the government has added incentives to try and lure the potential home buyer to get off the fence and make the purchase. The mortgage rates have stayed low and seem to be going even lower, which will help with purchases since the government tax credit has now expired. Having mortgage rates low will go along way in helping with the real estate market recovery and help the market to sustain itself without having to rely on government help.

Augusta Georgia has been affected just like any other city, but as the nation turns around the Augusta market will too. We have been fortunate that our market wasn’t affected as much as some of the other areas, though no one really escaped the downslide. If you are interested in buying or selling a home in Augusta, please let us know at Augusta is a great place to live with great shopping and dining. It is also located on the Savannah River which adds to the laid back and the adventurer.

A new law in California enables borrowers to have a tax break whose mortgage debt was forgiven through modification of their loan, a short sale or even due to foreclosure. The bill (SB 401) was signed off by Governor Schwarzenegger just before April 15th, which is the tax deadline.

One thing this new law does is allows the majority of tax payers to not be required to include mortgage debt income that has been canceled up to $500,000 on their principal residence, or up to $250,000 for married individuals that have chosen to file separately. This is applicable for the dates 2009 through 2012.
Since the Federal Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007, is instituted through the tax year 2012, the California law comes in alignment with the federal law.

This law gives a needed tax relief to those that have lost their homes and can’t afford to pay more taxes. Added on to this anyone in California that had to sell their home on a short sale is allowed to exclude the amount that was still owed to the loan company from their taxes. This also applies to homeowners who have had loan modifications to lower their debt. We specialize in real estate in Tracy CA and would love to help you with your next purchase in Tracy California or any of the surrounding areas.

There are a few exceptions that you may need to be aware of. For example any debt forgiveness that is on a second home mortgage or business & investment property does not qualify. Also, and refinance loans that allow cash-out equity will not apply. For more information on California real estate please visit

Colombian popstar Shakira visited some of South Africa’s new and revamped real estate developments while in the country for her 2010 World Cup performances. Her stay in the luxurious penthouse of the epic Radisson Blu Sandton certainly didn’t go unnoticed by the media. That’s thanks to the fact that Radisson is the largest international hotel brand in South Africa supporting the World Cup games.

Over the course of the month, visitors were exposed to quite a bit of South Africa’s real estate, an opportunity the country hopes to greatly benefit from. With the games in Johannesburg and Cape Town — and Durban, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Rustenburg, Polokwane and Bloemfontein — came new hotels, new stadiums and new large-scale real estate developments hoping to advance the African nation.

Now that the month of excitement has ended for the Rainbow Nation, and Shakira has performed "Waka Waka" at Johannesburg’s Soccer City Stadium for the last time, development continues.

Can a world-class sporting event sustain a developing country’s real estate market?

Some $5 billion was allocated to infrastructure and World Cup preparations by the national, city and provincial governments. Besides security, domestic public transportation was added and improved, roads were repaired and the eight host cities were given fancy facelifts.

Johannesburg built the Gautrain, Africa’s first high-speed rail that links the financial center of Sandton (and the Radisson Blu) and the OR Tambo International Airport. But the questions remains on how much the games will have benefited the country economically and developmentally following the conclusion of the global event.

Preparing for the events boosted activity for sure, the Ministry of Finance has said that stadium construction created more than 130,000 jobs and contributed $267 million to low-income families.

South African president Jacob Zuma expressed his intent that a successful World Cup will seduce tourists and encourage investment and trade to the country for the future. The Department of Tourism set their goal to bring in 14 million tourists annually by 2014. That’s a 45 percent increase from the 9.6 million who visited in 2009.

Cape Town has added a second Radisson to the mix. Local South African developers REALCOR Cape recently developed the Radisson Blu Blaauwberg Beach Hotel. The hotel joins the chain with locations also in Port Elizabeth. The property is trying something different by offering investors the opportunity to become shareholders in the property.

"A lot has changed in this country and more South Africans and tourists discover they want to own property here," says Jacques de Ridder, the director of construction for REALCOR. "The excitement around the World Cup will bring people to take a look at the property and then hopefully they will want to return."

Another development promise for South Africa is their possible bid for the 2020 Olympics. Given they have these new and refurbished facilities, it could help their chances of hosting. Critics say the five new stadiums won’t reach capacity after the World Cup (and rarely did during) so at the moment some stadiums are planning to reduce their facilities and examine how sustainable they are for the country.

"The world is looking at South Africa for the first time this way," says Dr. Laurine Platzky, 2010 FIFA World Cup Coordinator under the Department of the Premier in the Western Cape. "We already have large-scale developments before the World Cup and they will only increase after the World Cup once the world is able to see the opportunities and what a rich and beautiful country South Africa is."

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