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It is no question that one of the issues facing America is the rise of the poverty rate. Though we have many programs and educational options poverty rates in America continue to rise. Poverty, though has taken on different forms and the rates have changed to accommodate these forms, poverty is still a force that we are all working hard to eliminate. One of the ways to thwart the rate of poverty is to change the drop out rates in our public schools. Many states have a large dropout rates in their public schools. There are reports about the dropout rate in America reaching close to 30% and in some states like Alabama reaching close to 40%. When you have 40% of your students not graduating high school, this creates all sorts of issues and social problems. When you couple that with a crippling economy, it is difficult to see a viable solution and a way out of all this mess.

One of the things that face a lot of Americans that are dealing with poverty issues is the reality of starting over. If you are in Arizona you can check out a site called Start Over Az, which can help you with all your legal needs regarding bankruptcy and and issues surrounding starting over financially. One thing you don’t want to do is make bad decisions regarding your finances when you are already dealing with finance issues. With the right counsel and the right steps people can pull themselves out of the poverty issues they are facing and thus decrease the poverty rate overall.

It is the innate belief that we as Americans can do anything we set our heart to do. It is important that we are able to keep this belief and make the difference in this world that we desire so greatly. Keeping a positive attitude through financial difficulties will be a great asset and will attest to the strength and character that we as Americans behold.

News has surfaced about the idea of bringing back the home owners tax credit. The tax credit was great for new home owners and other reasons, but may have actually used up all of its juice for good use. If you would like to read more real estate news visit .The tax credit did spur the economy and helped many people, but once the credit was gone the housing market stopped moving forward. Many people saw the credit as an opportunity to buy, but it created inflated reports and sales numbers that could not be justified as a full blown market recovery. So should we bring back the credit? This will be debated and I am not so sure that it’s a good idea. I do agree with incentives, but it would be nice for the market to recover based on the employment rate getting back to where it’s supposed to be. There are so many variables in the housing market that I am not sure that the tax credit is the answer. It never was meant to be a long term solution, but in a bad economy everyone is looking for anything that offers them a little hope and help financially.

It’s good to see builders offering incentives to drive people in to purchasing newer homes, but that is not the long term answer either. Augusta Listing Expert has more on the real estate market. I am not sure that anyone has the long term answer, but one thing is for sure; when people are working and they have a sense of security with their income, they will spend more freely. This will carry over to larger purchases like homes, and vehicles. People, I believe are still a little gunshy on making these large purchases right now until they see the economy improve to where they are secure. Not sure when that will happen, but we can all hope for the best.