Finding Auxiliary Boilers

admin on July 20, 2011 in Articles

As manufacturing grows and new products are brought to the market there sometimes arises the need to have more power generation for the manufacturing plant of facility. Many plants and refineries use boilers as a source for the energy. Steam energy is alive an well and is in operation in most of the major manufacturing facilities across the US and abroad. Supplemental power is needed in many cases to add additional power for a new project, a temporary initiative, or for many other reasons. In these cases when more power is needed for the facility to accomplish it’s tasks an auxiliary boiler may be brought in. This could be on a temporary basis which could last a couple of months or on a more permanent basis that could last for years. You may find the need in your process that purchasing an auxiliary boiler is your best option, since you may be using the unit on more projects down the road.

Auxiliary boilers can range from low cost to high cost depending on the needs of the facility, size of the unit, shipping costs, and implementation. It’s important to find a supplier that you can trust and that can provide you with consultation so that you choose the right boiler for your application. These boilers also can be obtained used or brand new. Finding a used auxiliary boiler, can be found by searching the internet or by visiting There are many uses for these types of boilers and there are a lot of suppliers out there. Make sure that whoever you use to supply you the boiler also has knowledge on other aspects of the boiler island. You may be able to find a single source supplier like Victory Energy that can help you with more than just the boiler, but also spare parts and other accessories you may need.

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