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As the real estate market has taken it’s downturn over the last few years, new home construction fell in its wake. Problems with the financial industries including those in the mortgage industry have left the last few years with much to be desired. Good news though seems to be looming. Recent reports indicate that new home construction sales are increasing offering many new home builders glimmers of hope that we are finally coming out of the downturn and brighter days are ahead.

Though there is still competition from foreclosures and short sales that statistics are promising for 2011. More market news and real estate information can be found at It appears as though we have turned a corner and are working our way back out. Other signs of a turnaround was the holiday season, with retail sales up from last year. All of this indicating an increase in consumer confidence and a potential prosperous future. There are still a lot of homes in inventory and it may be some time before all of the dust clears, but any indication that we can receive that the economy is turning around is welcomed.

One of the issues facing new home builders is the ability to finance the new construction. With stricter regulations acquiring the funds needed presents challenges for the new year. Some builders who have kept themselves mobile and liquid will have the greater advantage to move forward and to help position themselves for the uncertain future. Overall there are signs of a recovery, which I believe is what everyone wants to see.